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Internal SQL Server Error

Thanks for the ohhh so useful error message SQL server team. Ass.

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Contributing to NHibernate

Having successfully submitted a few patches to NHibernate [NH-1280][NH-1260][NH-1259], Ayende Rahien asked me to comment on the difficulty of adding a totally new feature, and provide some hints for others. I am by no means an expert on NHibernate, just … Continue reading

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Hiding Your hbm.xml files in Visual Studio (or not)

I had this cool idea. What if I could hide my NHibernate Entity.hbm.xml files behind their respective c# files in the Solution Explorer. This would tidy things up a bit as I’m getting a bit overloaded in my project at … Continue reading

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Adobe PDF Printer {Sucks}

Gaaa Once again my machine is brought to a complete halt because of Adobe PDF printer. Canceling a print job shouldn’t kill an entire browser process and cripple the rest of the system. Just in case you were confused.

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