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Multi Monitor Wallpapers at

I’ve put up some of my multi monitor wallpapers at If you develop on a 3200×1200 screen you might want to check this out. No promises, I’m a coder not an artist. :)

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ISession Extension for Saving Multiple Objects

Incredibly simple, but quite useful:         public static void Save(this ISession session, params object [] entities)         {             foreach (var o in entities)             {                 session.Save(o);             … Continue reading

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Abstract Class Mappings

If you’re running into this error in NHibernate: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: Attempting to parse a null value into an sql string. Examine your mappings for abstract classes that aren’t implemented, … Continue reading

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Death to Foo and Bar

I’ve had it with Foo and Bar. They are right out. For too long we programmers have put up with these sorry excuses for example classes in documentation, lectures, examples, and now that TDD is all the rage, tests. There … Continue reading

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NHibernate Developer

W00t! I’ve been accepted as a developer of NHibernate. I’m looking forward to helping this project move along as I discover things that I can fix…

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