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Is this the .future you were expecting?

ICANN RFC for anything.* domain names. Might want to take a look. Most of you readers play in this here internets thing, this could effect you or the company you work for. :)

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ActionFilter / ParameterBinder sequence

For future reference for myself and others: 1. CustomModelBinderAttribute -> GetBinder() 2. IModelBinder -> BindModel() 3. ActionFilterAttribute -> OnActionExecuting() 4. ActionFilterAttribute -> OnActionExecuted() 5. ActionFilterAttribute -> OnResultExecuting() 6. ActionFilterAttribute -> OnResultExecuted() (As of Beta 1)

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Stack Overflow! MVC Model Binders Gone Awry

The recently released MVC Beta 1 has some pretty cool features. One of the features that I’ve been using for a while is Model Binders. These are now turned on by default which can cause some problems if you’re not … Continue reading

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Dead Wrong UI Design

I am a Microsoft Fan Boy. Today I’m going to show how good a friend I am and point out the bit of cilantro stuck between the teeth of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. For this example I’m designing … Continue reading

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