Dead Wrong UI Design

I am a Microsoft Fan Boy. Today I’m going to show how good a friend I am and point out the bit of cilantro stuck between the teeth of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

For this example I’m designing a new table in the management tool, using a bit field to indicate if a pet is dead or not. (Nevermind the obvious flaw that there are several types of dead.) Obviously I want a default value of NOT-DEAD or as we like to call it around here: 0.

Dead Bit
Ok, no problems so far. Lets put in some sample data:

Dead Wrong

Wait a minute now. You mean that when I specify the default value I must put a zero, but when I enter data into the table I have to type out ‘false/true’ for every entry? Ohh, and just in case you’re curious no, you can’t type ‘false/true’ in for the default value.
I’m sure none my readers would ever do anything like this. :)

(All 5 of you.)

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